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The Care Project Foundation is made up of individuals who are committed to elephant conservation. We believe in authentic education and are passionate about serving the community.

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Elephant Clinic

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was established in 2017.

It was the result of observing local elephant caretakers struggle to get proper and immediate medical care for their elephants. This results in self-treatment which often leads to devastating consequences.

With the Elephant Clinic, we have been able to equip locals with adequate knowledge so that they know what to look out for and how to administer medication when needed.


Dog Food Donation to Hope for Strays

When Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, our partner for several elephant conservation projects, opened a new location in Pattaya, the staff noticed a number of stray dogs on the property and nearby, some of which were in poor health. Though we at The Care Project Foundation love and respect all living creatures, we were unequipped to provide […]

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Milk and Bedding Donation

In line with our mission to nurture and protect elephants by empowering those people involved in caring for them, The Care Project Foundation frequently organises community outreach and development projects. In many cases, these projects aim to empower impoverished communities by providing them with necessities such as clothes or bedding, and by communicating directly with […]

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Blanket Donation in Mae Chaem

In the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand, temperatures can drop dramatically in the winter months. Many of the worst-affected areas are populated mainly by remote hill tribe communities, the people of which often don’t have the necessary resources, or access to supplies, to properly prepare for the winter months. In an effort to provide warmth […]

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This is the Story of Kaew Ta

  Kaew Ta Case Study Kaew Ta Born: 1953 This is the story of Kaew Ta. The year is 1958. Kaew Ta, 5, has been separated from her mother. We know very little about Kaew Ta’s mum, other than the fact that she was used in the logging industry, and that she gave birth to […]

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Treatment of Pressure Ulcers and Bedsores in Elephants

History and Symptoms Name: Kaew Ta Age: 67 years old Prolonged lying due to weak health Rescued from: Krabi Previously working: Logging/Riding Bedsores in elephants are typically found when an elephant has been lying on the floor for a prolonged period. This is a by-product of not being able to stand or support themselves. The […]

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EJS Care Projects

If you’re like many who have visited us, you’ve probably wondered, at one point or another, how the rescue process work. If you think the rescue

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Thanks for being a part of what we do…

It has been an amazing journey so far. Thank you for being a huge part of our lives in 2018. Without your support,

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San Dee

We have just received word by our veterinary team that our rescue San Dee, in Phuket is not looking too good. Her lab report shows that her kidney

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The unbreakable bond

It’s a sad reality that elephants across the globe are forced to perform in gruelling, unnatural shows to entertain tourists.

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Everybody cries sometime

Elephants are very sensitive and social animals that prefer to live in large family groups. These animals have been known to display very human-like emotions,

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Dinner tonight!

You might have noticed that elephants are the largest land animals in the world. These big beauties are up to 2.75 m tall

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Know your past!

The Elephant that we find in Thailand and Asia is commonly known as the Asian Elephant. The ‘Asian Elephant’ has a counterpart

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We also witnessed first hand how the local community was being affected by the growing number of un-neutered

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Thong Kam: A Month On

It has now been more than a month that we brought home the beautiful Thong Kam into our facility.

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As a non-profit, we rely on people like you to help spread the word about The Care Project Foundation. Please consider sharing this content with people you know and getting them involved! Last weekend, The Care Project Foundation team had the privilege of delivering a total of 10,000kg (2,200 lbs) of elephant food to communities […]

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Saying goodbye to Mae Boon Hai

If you had ever, for once in your life, met Mae Boon Hai, you would understand her majesty and resilience. From her first steps, you had a sense of her strength, although her exterior looked weathered. Never did we imagine that she would, in the fullness of time, take her place as the matriarch, leading […]

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Pachyderms and the Pandemic: Repercussions of COVID-19 for Elephants in Thailand

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc worldwide, with devastating medical, economic, and cultural repercussions. In Thailand, millions of people have become unemployed or lost their primary source of income as a result of international containment measures, and it appears that the financial hardship for many is unlikely to abate significantly in the immediate future. […]

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Donation Breakdown (April-June 2020)

The Care Project Foundation would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors for the trust in the work that the foundation does. We aim to work with transparency and the money will be used to benefit the elephants and the mahouts, along with the elephant diet and health issues. The Care Project Foundation started […]

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