Blanket Donation in Mae Chaem

In the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand, temperatures can drop dramatically in the winter months. Many of the worst-affected areas are populated mainly by remote hill tribe communities, the people of which often don’t have the necessary resources, or access to supplies, to properly prepare for the winter months. In an effort to provide warmth and comfort to these communities, this year The Care Project Foundation launched our Winter Blanket Appeal, aiming to provide 3,000 blankets to villages throughout Chiang Mai and Tak provinces. With the generous support of local and international donors, we were quickly able to place an initial order of 1,000 blankets and prepare them for distribution.

On December 22, a team from The Care Project Foundation travelled approximately four hours west of the city of Chiang Mai to deliver blanket donations to several villages in Mae Chaem District. We were warmly received in each village we visited, and were honoured to spend a night in the mountains, surrounded by spectacular scenery. In addition to blankets, we donated clothing, nutrient-rich milk, dry foods, and fruit to these communities, focusing on the needs of children and the elderly.

To read more about our annual Winter Blanket Appeal or donate, please visit here.

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