Mae Chaem Project

Community Involvement/ Donation The Care Project spent an entire weekend in Mae Chaem to see how we would be able to further support the villages in the vicinity. Home to the first group of mahouts (400 years ago), Mae Chaem is known for its rich culture and beautiful Agriculture. The Care Project team brought a […]


School supplies and Money February At The Care Project, we are always excited when staff members show the yearn to share and give to individuals less fortunate than them. ​In this case, our staff member brought donations to a Special Needs school in Songkhla. 80% of the children in this school have physical or intellectual […]

Mae Wang

Community Clean-up/ Involvement Practically our second home, Mae Wang is a beautiful balance of tourist activities and untouched beauty. The work we do in Mae Wang is abundant. From mahout education to elephant health checks to financial supports in community infrastructures (roads, bridges etc) This time, we pooled manpower and joined a community clean-up initiative to help […]

Morgan Tribe Village

Food and Monetary Donation February A recent fire that spread in the Morgan Tribe Village in Koh Surin, Phang Nga Province. This fire saw the demolition of 137 homes, burning down the whole village along with everything they own ​The Care Project donated food supplies and provisions to their temporary place of housing at Mu […]

Mae Sa Pok

Blanket Donation / Community Outreach Our group of volunteers led the way as we went into the Mae Sa Pok district. Close to Mae Chaem in the North of Thailand, Mae Sa Pok is home to a beautiful Karen community. With beautiful agriculture surrounding the vicinity, Mae Sa Pok was truly pleasing to the eye. […]

Hope for Strays

Dog Food and Monetary Donation January The Care Project and Elephant Jungle Sanctuary are back for a 2nd time to help spread the good work of Hope For Strays. This time, we donated bags of food and money to support them as they attempt to change the lives of the stray animal population in Pattaya. If […]

Baan Boon Thong

Community Involvement/ Donation Baan Boon Thong is an Orphanage located in Chiang Mai. A safe haven to children whose parents are unfortunately no longer around or are unable to take care of them, Bann Boon Thong supports children by housing them, putting them through school and taking care of their everyday needs. While the care project team […]