Dog Food Donation to Hope for Strays

When Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, our partner for several elephant conservation projects, opened a new location in Pattaya, the staff noticed a number of stray dogs on the property and nearby, some of which were in poor health. Though we at The Care Project Foundation love and respect all living creatures, we were unequipped to provide specialist canine veterinary treatment to the dogs. Thankfully, we soon heard about a wonderful organisation called Hope for Strays Foundation. Hope for Strays is based in East Pattaya, and provides numerous services for stray dogs, including feeding, veterinary treatment, vaccinations, sterilisation, temporary housing for sick and injured dogs, and adoption services. Soon after we contacted Hope for Strays to request assistance, they helped provide veterinary care to the dogs on the property, and have generously continued to provide care to the strays when they are sick or injured ever since. Recognising this valuable contribution to the community and the welfare of animals in Pattaya, The Care Project Foundation pledged to donate ten bags of dog food to Hope for Strays every month. We have now been working with Hope for Strays Foundation for more than two years, and we will continue to make regular donations of food to support their worthy cause. By working together, we can have a greater impact, and help to improve as many lives as possible. To find out more about the valuable work Hope for Strays Foundation does, or to make a donation, please visit their website here.
The Matriarch Project