a contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals that causes madness and convulsions, transmissible through the saliva to humans.

In the 4 years that the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has been in operation, we are constantly being reminded of how blessed we are with our modern conveniences. 

When Elephant Jungle Sanctuary started in Chiang Mai’s Mae Wang District in 2014, a lot of help was being given to us from the local Karen tribe. From agricultural advice to assisting with elephant care, the locals were always there to support our continuous efforts at Elephant conservation. We also witnessed first hand how the local community was being affected by the growing number of un-neutered dogs  in the jungle. With little support from people outside of the community, members of the local communities were being bitten by rabid dogs and, contract the same virus. We believe in the co-existing balance between animals and humans. We believe in a world where we walk along side animals as equals. This also means that certain measures need to be met to ensure the balance isn’t tipped, i.e. vaccinations, education and care. 

When we set up in Pattaya, we were being introduced to Hope For Strays. Hope For Strays is a dog shelter that takes in feral dogs with the intention to medicate, care for and eventually provide a forever home for them. Over the last 3 years of operation, Hope For Strays have rescued, vaccinated and cared for hundreds of dogs. Our Pattaya team paid them a visit over the weekend and donated food, vaccination and medication to them. It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with people who do wonderful work for the local community (animals included in the equation). 

If you would like know more about the amazing work this foundation is doing for the dogs of Pattaya, or would like to make a donation to help them continue their work, please go to http://hopeforstrays.org/

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