Milk and Bedding Donation

In line with our mission to nurture and protect elephants by empowering those people involved in caring for them, The Care Project Foundation frequently organises community outreach and development projects. In many cases, these projects aim to empower impoverished communities by providing them with necessities such as clothes or bedding, and by communicating directly with local people, we can ensure that we are donating the right supplies to those who need them most.

On December 1, The Care Project Foundation team, accompanied by several community volunteers, visited villages in remote parts of Mae Wang District in Northern Thailand. Having loaded several vehicles with supplies, we drove approximately 3 hours from Chiang Mai to Baan Huay Sai and Baan Mukokee in order to donate nutrient-rich milk and mattresses to the people of those communities.

As the isolated villages we visited have relatively high rates of poverty, we decided to donate large quantities of long-life, nutrient-rich milk in order to supplement the diet and improve the health of local children. In addition, we donated a number of mattresses to two local schools, as well as snacks and toys.

We believe that lasting positive change can only come through empowerment, and it is vital to have good health and access to daily necessities in order to feel empowered. As such, The Care Project Foundation will continue to reach out and listen to people in communities such as Baan Huay Sai and Baan Mukokee, who are often unable to access things many of us take for granted, and we will continue to assist them in any way we can.

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