Thong Kam: A Month On

It has now been more than a month that we brought home the beautiful Thong Kam into our facility. 

When we found her, we were introduced to an elephant that was severely underfed, chronically in pain and extremely bruised.

A little back story:

Thong Kam was an elderly elephant who was being used to work at a riding camp in Krabi. We were alerted to her because her owners wanted a better life for her. When we met her, she had tripped over a chain and fell on her side, causing abrasion that went down the side of her body. Her wounds eventually got infected from negligent. Thong Kam was also severely underweight. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In Thong Kam’s story, it took an entire community of believers to rescue her beautiful soul. Right before her rescue, we had to appeal to the public for assistance. This also gave birth to Project Freedom. A project dedicated at raising money for at risk elephants in need of desperate help and medical attention. It was through the efforts of everyone that contributed that we were able to rescue her. And on this day, as you are reading this, remember that EVERYONE has the power to make a difference. 

To say that the people who owned her did not love her would be grossly inaccurately. We firmly believe they loved her but didn’t know how to care for her in the way that she needed. 

It rained on the day. Hard. Before we transported her, we fed her and prepared her for the journey as best as we could.

Fast forward to now, it has now been slightly over 2 months that Thong Kam has been with us. After everything that she has gone through, Thong Kam could not have healed any better.

On Day 30 of her recovery, we witnessed Thong Kam making the initial step to socialise. Thong Kam is now respected between the younger elephants and loved among her peers.

Physically, Thong Kam could not be any better.

She is slowly putting on weight and her digestion has improved tremendously. The wounds on Thong Kam’s body that once bared as a reminder of the life that she was forced to live is now nothing but a distant memory. 

Thong Kam is a brilliant example of why we do what we do. While this ‘job’ is often hard, we cherish pockets of moments where we can be a rainbow in another being’s sky.

Yes. That was Maya Angelou. 

The Matriarch Project