The Care Project Foundation

Please read the “Hold Harmless” and “Code of Conduct” agreements carefully.

Checking the boxes on your volunteer waiver confirms your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

hold harmless agreement

          I acknowledge that I have been informed by the terms of this agreement that my volunteer service with EJS CARE PROJECT involves community involvement work that may be hazardous and/or dangerous. 

          I acknowledge that the volunteer work I will be asked to perform may expose me to illness, injury, emotional trauma or illness, disability and/or deaI acknowledge that I may be travelling, including in my own or other motor vehicles, both owned and non-owned by EJS CARE PROJECT, and working in dangerous and unhealthy circumstances with limited access to medical care. I also acknowledge that I may be exposed to or called upon to work with dangerous equipment and/or dangerous conditions, which may cause injuries and/or death and/or property damage to me, my motor vehicle and passengers, or other property or individuals.

          I acknowledge that the EJS CARE PROJECT employees and volunteers with whom I will be travelling, working and/or receiving assignments, advice or instruction, many of whom are untrained in the work being performed, are, by the nature of the project, subject to errors in judgments and decisions. Among the possible mistakes in judgments and decisions are: my physical and emotional ability to handle the tasks and conditions existing during the term of my volunteer service; a failure to correctly assess any injury or physical or mental health condition I may have at the time of my volunteer service or sustained during the period of my volunteer service; and my experience or expertise in handling assigned tasks.

          I acknowledge and affirm that I have the opportunity to ask any questions I may have of EJS CARE PROJECT personnel prior to my departure for volunteer service and prior to the commencement of my volunteer work. I also acknowledge that despite any answers, I have received with respect to my inquiries, the conditions and circumstances of my volunteer service may change to meet the demands of the community project. I understand that my volunteer service shall remain at the will of EJS CARE PROJECT and may be terminated at any time for any reason by EJS CARE PROJECT.

          If at any time I conclude that I am physically or emotionally incapable of performing a task or enduring the conditions existing during my volunteer service, I understand that it is my sole responsibility to inform EJS CARE PROJECT personnel that I cannot or will not perform an assigned task or that I cannot or will not continue to endure the conditions of my volunteer service. Should I elect to perform a task after informing EJS CARE PROJECT personnel or volunteers of my reservations about performing the task, I fully acknowledge that the decision to do so is my own, free from pressure or duress by any person. I understand that I am free to end my volunteer service at any time, without reservation or penalty of any kind. I agree that my decision to perform an assigned task is my certification that I am physically and/or emotionally capable of performing the assigned task despite any prior representations I may have made regarding my physical and/or emotional health.

          I hereby agree, on behalf of my children, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, to release, indemnify and defend EJS CARE PROJECT and any and all of its volunteers, personnel, board members, contractors, partners, donors and associates with respect to all claims, liabilities, losses, suits or expenses, including all litigation costs and attorney’s fees, brought by anyone, including me, in connection with my participation in EJS CARE PROJECT. By this agreement I agree to waive all claims, whether legal or equitable, for losses, including property damage or bodily injury sustained in connection with use of my motor vehicle or any other motor vehicle in connection with EJS CARE PROJECT, that I may claim to be caused, in whole or in part, by the negligence of EJS CARE PROJECT personnel, volunteers, board members, contractors, partners, donors and associates.

          I authorize EJS CARE PROJECT to copyright, publish, use, sell or assign any and all photographic portraits or pictures, television spots, movie films, videotapes and/or sound recordings or any part thereof, that may have been taken of me during my volunteer service. I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

          I authorize EJS CARE PROJECT to seek and obtain medical care for me should its personnel deem it necessary to do so. I also authorize EJS CARE PROJECT to seek and obtain my evacuation from the disaster relief site. In so doing, I agree to hold harmless any and all persons who seek or obtain my evacuation and/or medical care. Eligible medical services and any evacuation will be paid in accordance with EJS CARE PROJECT Business travel insurance policy as allowed and approved by its carrier. With respect to any medical expenses or evacuation not covered by this policy, or which is deemed ineligible by EJS CARE PROJECT’S carrier, I agree to assume full responsibility for the cost of all such medical services and/or evacuation. Should any portion of this agreement be determined to be unenforceable, the remaining portions of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect without modification. 

          I give my consent to EJS CARE PROJECT to conduct a full and complete background investigation of me at any time in connection with my volunteer service. I have read this document, or in the event I am unable to read this agreement by reason of language and/or understanding, I have independently undertaken to have it read to me or translated for me, and I acknowledge that I have voluntarily signed it and that no oral or written representations, statements, or inducements apart from the terms of this agreement have been made to me in signing this agreement. I further agree that no prior or contemporaneous oral or written statement may be used by me to modify the terms of this agreement nor may this agreement be modified in any respect following the date of my signature except by way of a written modification agreement with EJS CARE PROJECT.

          I understand that this agreement is subject to EJS CARE PROJECT’S privacy policy, which assures me that EJS CARE PROJECT will not share my personal information with anyone outside the organization without my permission. Additionally, I have been assured that all information regarding me, whether collected online or in person, is collected via secure channels and stored in EJS CARE PROJECT’S secure databases and facilities.


          This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for your behavior while volunteering with EJS CARE PROJECT. These standards will help us maintain a positive and productive environment while preserving a respectable reputation. An infraction of any aspect of the Code will warrant sanctions ranging from a warning to expulsion from the program. The interpretation and enforcement of this Code are at the discretion of the Program Director, and this Code should in no way be considered a comprehensive list of offences warranting disciplinary action. We will not hesitate to contact/report you to local authorities should your behaviour warrant it.


I understand and agreed to abide by the following statements:

  1. For your own safety, all volunteers must be inside the perimeter of the base area half an hour before curfew
  2. This is a no alcohol project. We will not tolerate any drinking on base. Under no circumstances can you accept or drink from any staff members or local people during your entire stay on the project.
  3. Consumption of any kind of drugs is not tolerated. This rule applies inside and outside of the base area.
  4. Sexual relationships with members of the local beneficiary community are not permitted. Relationships outside of the beneficiary community must be carried out in a discreet and responsible manner
  5. Sexual relationships between any EJS CARE PROJECT personnel and volunteers are not permitted during the project.
  6. Any form of sexual harassment, whether verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated
  7. Acts of violence or threats of violence will not be tolerated. Volunteers are not permitted to carry weapons on their person at any time
  8. All representatives shall behave with respect for each other and the cultural environment in which we are working